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totally support.

well, just wanna to have fun with this post. :)
the inspiration is come from

Michelle-Glisters and Blisters's post in here.

very excited to do it.
and, let see...
the inside of my bag everyday, that together
and totally support for every time i have in this life. ^^

> ELLE bag
> E. Timber wallet (from my mom, she bought it @Singapore)
> pink small make-up bag (i got from one of teen magazines, when i'm 17 years old.)
and her content is .....
.vintage mirror (from my mom.). silver-white hairband (my hair is starting to long, so for this time, i always bring it, to bandle my hair, when the temperature isn't support,,hhh!).
the brown-comb. Papyrus Flower Wild Savana Spirit-eau de parfume. Red-A grape lipbalm. Strawberry Red-lip on lip. Visine (my eyes are so sensitive, so i always bring it). nail clippers. instant hand sanitiser. and some keys (home's key and my motorcylce's key).
> two flashdisk-Sandisk and Kingston
> tissue (absolutely!)
> my Nokia E63 (leave it @home? never! :D)
> my lovely sunglassess (sometimes, i bring them, but not always.)

and the last, nothing special for my weekend . just stay at home, prepare to my training job test, went to the church and for several hours ago, i just finished the two accesories by my handmade. :)
* studded and tiger print action. (the form, is inspiration from here.)
* the vintage button bow. (maybe i use it for hairclip.)

happy and will use it as soon as possible.
now, time to sleep.

2 lovely comment (s):

michelle_ said...

hahaha . inspirasi yg sama toh :D
menarik kan ngorek2 tas orgg ?? hehehe ..

Ladyulia said...

thx for commenting back
after reading ur blog
aku mau kasi saran
photo yang ada kamunya agak blur gitu...
sayang banget
aku g bisa liat detailnya...
padahal yulia yakin pasti outfit yang kamu pakai super cuuuteeee