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23.10.09 inspiration for this week.

haaa !
just love to write on my blog right now.
in my feeling, i just fallin' in love with blogging now. :D

anyway, start from 1 week ago, i just written the same post. and i'll do it continuously, and for every week. :)
like the photo collection, where everyone just upload their best pic (i think, especially @hot looks part). yap!

for the 1st, the photos will show for us, that the autumn seasons just "in the showing" right now in there. did you know that i ever written one post about this season? it's in my post autumn and his action. i just love the colour of the trees, when the autumn was coming. yuhu... :)
check the photos @ below, they are use the autumn action colour to take their pic.

and the next, there are the inspiration for add to my box inspiration.
*sight !!

love so much her shoes, ah !!

Rhiannon is so beautiful in here.
like her victorian dress too much!

and for this,i'm totally like her style, from head to toe. yeah!

all photos just from hot looks!

see you in my others post, let me to take a rest.

4 lovely comment (s):

michelle_ said...

nice choice of girls you choose :)
i do love those eye-popping shoes !

regina said...

nice! nice! nice!. and also love your comment on my blog:) and i'm soooo happy and exciting if i see my link on your blog:))

Yofany said...

cool! love it!

F i K a said...

I like the inspiration post!!
they are so great&stylish in their own style!!