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Random updates.

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let's check my post again,, :)
the contain of this random updates are about three important things
that i want you to know it. haaa ^^

1. my trip to Surabaya.
need some files to finish my training report as soon as possible,
make me should take the trip to Surabaya.
yap ! spirit for my responsibility and do the best for my last exam :
The training job report & The thesis.
ah,,get the graduation as soon as possible,,yupi yupi... ganbatte !! ^^
so, i was being @Surabaya city for 3 days, since yesterday until friday 09 Okt'09.

2. addicted to studs.
wew,,too difficult get the studs in my city,,grr...
i got it a few days ago from Jolie Jogja Jewellery.
and i used the studs to support my D.I.Y project,,hou..
but it still make me lack of the studs,,oh!
wanna get more studs again and want to order it,,can you help me?
huhu,, :(

*it's my D.I.Y

3. the fulltights.
yeayy !
too excited to discuss it. hee,, :)
ordered the fulltights from Spring Blossom Box a few days ago
and it was arrived on Thursday in the afternoon,
before i left Jogja for my trip to Surabaya.
actually, i'm not confidence to use it. but i want and will try...heee,, :D
just give your comment in my photos tomorrow yaa,,
i will take the photos and use the black fulltights... :)

*special thanks for Resti (Spring Blossom Box) <3

need your support for my training job report.need your help to the place that i can order more studs.
and need your attention to my photos with my new fulltights tomorrow.
yuhuuu... ^^
thank you before. :)

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michelle_ said...

nice studded necklace