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Alexa Chung, 7 purple things & the giveaway.

yap. finally, get the time and be supported with a good internet connection too.
well, i just want to share with you, about my fashion inspiration.
i just already addict with her since i'm start to explore my fashion style.
i think, all of you like her so much too, right? :]
love so much her vintage style!
this is, all of my collection of her photos.
*i added this collection, with some of her new photos.
get more inspiration from her.
will never stop! :)

the next....
i just got tagged from Michelle-Glisters and Blisters,
for finding seven purple things in my room.
oh! honestly, for the 1st, i'm not the purple lovers.
but finally, i can collect seven purple things in my room. :D
and, they are....

*my purple glasses. (just keep use the flash, to make the purple color more clearly)

*like the small basket, that contains some of my lipbalm and my lipstick

*the purple color pen

*my unbranded purple tank top
(the new one, from one of the boutique @Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya)

*Rhissanty, varnish remover. (the cleanser for nail polish)
haa, just show some of my nail polish collection too. :D

*the purple one, of my eyeshadow compact.

*and the last, i just not found others purple things in my room.
well, this diary and magazine (by Gogirl!) can help me for this tag. haha. :)

having fun for this tag. and thanks for Michelle. :)
i'd like to tag
Vivacious yet Tremendous Life
Little Miss Fhenny
Eclectic du jour
Roll Up Your Sleeve
for finding 7 RED things in their room.

i almost forget this post. and so sorry must be update again this post. >.<
just want to tell you the giveaway from Beneath the crystal stars, for her birthday.
just click here, if you want to know more.
join some instructions and if you lucky, you will get this her cute ring.
*open to all international readers.

Angel Wing Ring from Soak Republic.


* anyway, i just will start to planning my business passion.
wish me luck. :)


just wanna to share. (random things)

i'm back. :]
hopefully always can write something that usefull to all of you. yah, as usual, because i just haven't camera yet, especially to get one best picture with nice lighting, effect, clearly..or something else that can be make us to get the nice picture. oh! so, i'm very lately to write and posting all about of my outfit and the photo session (if i did it). but, i just love blogging, and won't stopping to think and learn to make the best posting. just want to learn, and learn. and on my target, if i get the camera later, haa.. i just want to be the truly blogger. *LOL
okee,,leave it! haa,,
anyway, this is about some of random things that i want to share with you.

# my hangout with one of my bestfriend

long time we didn't hangout together, and do the "sharing session". haaa! and tell a both of our story. :)
and finally, when we get the time, we did it.
for the 1st (not with a good planning, anyway :D), we just went to the old of train station on my city. the name is Lempuyangan train station. i just interesting to take some pictures in there. the reason why... because the place is just oldist-look and so artistic one i think. :)
let's see that, my friend just help me to take some pictures in there. :)

all of my photos by Tpho

my stuff on the shoot more clearly. ^^

sunglasses : my sister's stuff. vintage top : local store. vintage necklace : Jolie.
vintage ring : my handmade (tha materials from Jolie). vintage watch : Disol by Petraco (local store). vintage bag : Renoir.

and then for the next...
we went to one of the restaurant in my city. Foodfezt.
have to lunch and share our story in there. oh! i just ordered some fresh menu for my lunch.

left : Salada O Porto (Portugese food)
right : Fruit O Holic

just visit Foodfezt in here, if you want to know more of this restaurant.

# this Quote

i just found it at Gogirl! magazine for this month. 1oo% agree for this!
just focus!
just fight to get all of your dream to the real. :)

*how is your opinion about this quote ?

# JFW 09/10

finally, i found the site, that posting a lot of shoots from JFW (Jakarta Fashion Week).
this is my friend's site. his name is Iphan Loviano, one of my friend @college.
just check his site in here.
woho... i like too much this pictures. :]

all photos by Iphan Loviano.

# restinpeace Daul Kim

this pictures from here.

so sad for this news. :(
she has passed away at 20 years old today. oh, too young.
but, just pray for her and absolutely for her family.

ya, it's all.
just want to share you, my last hangout, and also some informations, that i hope usefull for all of you (and me too). good luck for all of your activities. see you at my next post.

*just follow my twitter. :]


more inspirations ( and

HOT today.
all from

the lacey dress(so girly look) // pattern tights (like it too much!)

her pants, bag, and the boots are the killers!

the blazer, so fabolous!

heiii,, they are just with the good mood i think.
^^. very cute and chic.

more inspirations, for more get the best mix and match. :)

anyway, rainy season is just coming for Indo.
get ready to enjoy it.
and, all of this pictures are my wishlist to get some pics,
with rainy seasons and its effect.

all pictures from

*anyway, i just changed my link account, and absolutely my blog's name.
and surely for the layout that you saw when my page is opened.
get from Shabby blogs.
just want to know your opinion.


<3 boots.

<3 boots!
and all of them are my wishlist. haa! *all picture just from here.

boots in trends right now. let's check my looklet design to use boots in some ways. :)

*just be my friend at looklet, with visit in here.

and woho!
Ugg boots are inspiring mee too. Especially to support "vintage style",
with the Ugg Boots classic model.

i just like the simple boots. yap!
with the netral colours too. (black, brown smooth, or grey.)
Anyway, did you know that Whooga Ugg Boots will give you a chance
to get their product with the simple way?

just check it in here for more information.


#have a great Sunday#

the BIG inspiration.

she is beautiful girl, with oriental mood.
just like her style too much. the street style, mix with the vintage stuff.

*just click here
to find another pics from her.



under of the bridge.

location : Kalikuning. yshe as my photographer.

this journey 'll add my vintage pic collection.
very excited. i just get the bridge that i found from long time ago.
and can you imagine how is my action when i've been known this place?
*just imagine it. :)

hairclip : my handmade. key necklace : Jolie. white tranparant vest : ELLE. floral top : unbranded. skirt : Desdonna by Tajima. tights : Pantyhorse by Springblossom. shoes : Candy.

there 're in details. :)

love all of the pictures.
and at least, i'm very tired due to this journey.
just need a rest.
enjoy my post, and i'm very love if you leave some comments.