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under of the bridge.

location : Kalikuning. yshe as my photographer.

this journey 'll add my vintage pic collection.
very excited. i just get the bridge that i found from long time ago.
and can you imagine how is my action when i've been known this place?
*just imagine it. :)

hairclip : my handmade. key necklace : Jolie. white tranparant vest : ELLE. floral top : unbranded. skirt : Desdonna by Tajima. tights : Pantyhorse by Springblossom. shoes : Candy.

there 're in details. :)

love all of the pictures.
and at least, i'm very tired due to this journey.
just need a rest.
enjoy my post, and i'm very love if you leave some comments.

4 lovely comment (s):

michelle_ said...

love your dotted top very much dear :)

Claradevi said...

ciehh phie,
lucu deh vintage style nya...
aku kmaren jg abis foto di jembatan itu! LOL!
goodluck and take care for everything :)

michelle_ said...

hahah just realized that they aren't flowers ! my baddd..
thanks for letting me know about gogirl thing :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures ! I love your outfit :)