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just wanna to share. (random things)

i'm back. :]
hopefully always can write something that usefull to all of you. yah, as usual, because i just haven't camera yet, especially to get one best picture with nice lighting, effect, clearly..or something else that can be make us to get the nice picture. oh! so, i'm very lately to write and posting all about of my outfit and the photo session (if i did it). but, i just love blogging, and won't stopping to think and learn to make the best posting. just want to learn, and learn. and on my target, if i get the camera later, haa.. i just want to be the truly blogger. *LOL
okee,,leave it! haa,,
anyway, this is about some of random things that i want to share with you.

# my hangout with one of my bestfriend

long time we didn't hangout together, and do the "sharing session". haaa! and tell a both of our story. :)
and finally, when we get the time, we did it.
for the 1st (not with a good planning, anyway :D), we just went to the old of train station on my city. the name is Lempuyangan train station. i just interesting to take some pictures in there. the reason why... because the place is just oldist-look and so artistic one i think. :)
let's see that, my friend just help me to take some pictures in there. :)

all of my photos by Tpho

my stuff on the shoot more clearly. ^^

sunglasses : my sister's stuff. vintage top : local store. vintage necklace : Jolie.
vintage ring : my handmade (tha materials from Jolie). vintage watch : Disol by Petraco (local store). vintage bag : Renoir.

and then for the next...
we went to one of the restaurant in my city. Foodfezt.
have to lunch and share our story in there. oh! i just ordered some fresh menu for my lunch.

left : Salada O Porto (Portugese food)
right : Fruit O Holic

just visit Foodfezt in here, if you want to know more of this restaurant.

# this Quote

i just found it at Gogirl! magazine for this month. 1oo% agree for this!
just focus!
just fight to get all of your dream to the real. :)

*how is your opinion about this quote ?

# JFW 09/10

finally, i found the site, that posting a lot of shoots from JFW (Jakarta Fashion Week).
this is my friend's site. his name is Iphan Loviano, one of my friend @college.
just check his site in here.
woho... i like too much this pictures. :]

all photos by Iphan Loviano.

# restinpeace Daul Kim

this pictures from here.

so sad for this news. :(
she has passed away at 20 years old today. oh, too young.
but, just pray for her and absolutely for her family.

ya, it's all.
just want to share you, my last hangout, and also some informations, that i hope usefull for all of you (and me too). good luck for all of your activities. see you at my next post.

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onic said...

awwwhh its tooo bad! pokoknya kalau kamu ke jakarta kabarin yah, biar bisa ngumpul2. biar sejam 2 jam pasti ku sempet2in :D:D

Imogen said...

I love these pictures. The background is amazing. Such a great place to take the photos.

iphan said...

hey.. hihihi.. fotoku ada disitu.
kalo mau gambar yang lebih gede, bisa kamu grab di
nice blog,phie :D
keep blogging :D

F i K a said...

tempat fotonya kereeen deh :)
klo aq ke jogja,,ajak ke tempat ini yaa..hihihi

michelle_ said...

thanks for the comment !
nge post lagii donngssss ..

jarang update twitter nya yah ?

michelle_ said...

most people seemed to see me from diana's blog now . hahahaha.. funny thing..
hope u have a nice sunday !!

michelle_ said...

yeah . meeting diana rikasari was like a dream come true . she was a very nice person . very warm and welcoming ! you should've came !

ohh and i tagged u something on my blog :)