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Alexa Chung, 7 purple things & the giveaway.

yap. finally, get the time and be supported with a good internet connection too.
well, i just want to share with you, about my fashion inspiration.
i just already addict with her since i'm start to explore my fashion style.
i think, all of you like her so much too, right? :]
love so much her vintage style!
this is, all of my collection of her photos.
*i added this collection, with some of her new photos.
get more inspiration from her.
will never stop! :)

the next....
i just got tagged from Michelle-Glisters and Blisters,
for finding seven purple things in my room.
oh! honestly, for the 1st, i'm not the purple lovers.
but finally, i can collect seven purple things in my room. :D
and, they are....

*my purple glasses. (just keep use the flash, to make the purple color more clearly)

*like the small basket, that contains some of my lipbalm and my lipstick

*the purple color pen

*my unbranded purple tank top
(the new one, from one of the boutique @Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya)

*Rhissanty, varnish remover. (the cleanser for nail polish)
haa, just show some of my nail polish collection too. :D

*the purple one, of my eyeshadow compact.

*and the last, i just not found others purple things in my room.
well, this diary and magazine (by Gogirl!) can help me for this tag. haha. :)

having fun for this tag. and thanks for Michelle. :)
i'd like to tag
Vivacious yet Tremendous Life
Little Miss Fhenny
Eclectic du jour
Roll Up Your Sleeve
for finding 7 RED things in their room.

i almost forget this post. and so sorry must be update again this post. >.<
just want to tell you the giveaway from Beneath the crystal stars, for her birthday.
just click here, if you want to know more.
join some instructions and if you lucky, you will get this her cute ring.
*open to all international readers.

Angel Wing Ring from Soak Republic.


* anyway, i just will start to planning my business passion.
wish me luck. :)

21 lovely comment (s):

F i K a said...

I loooooove Alexa Chung sooooo muuuuch!!!! hahaha
She has a great style!! simple but awesome :)..

anw,,good luck for your business passion :)..mau bikin online shop yaa?hihi

Valencia Lia said...

I love Alexa Chung so much tooo !

Awww,and thanks so much for the tag girl <3

t a l i s h a said...

thanks for posting up my idol, alexa chung.. anyway nice post. ive linked you babyy

Sher said...

Oh i love Alexa Chung, she's the best!!

And so exciting to have your own online shop!! I used to have one too but it's shelved at the moment cos I'm just too bz:P

Thanks for the shoutout for the giveaway,dear!!


michelle_ said...

weeeee ! you did the tagging :)

and i love alexa chung too .
she mixes designer with casual pieces very well :)

michelle_ said...

Weeee u did the tagg thing :)
I love alexa as well !
She's the master of mixing casual pieces with designer :)

Hope u have a nice week dear :)

dotie said...

completely in love with alexa's effortless style...

thanks for the tag!
honestly I'm bad at these kind of things but I'll try my best :)

fhen said...

hello dear! thanks for tagging me!
i'll do it asap :D
i also love alexa chung!
simply stylish
i've just followed you twitter, follow your blog and link yours in mine (*complete*) :D
want to follow me back?

Imogen said...

Thanks so much for tagging me.I had fun doing this.

Della Agatha said...

hii.. thanks for the comments..
i love alexa chung, she's a great style icon and thanks for tagging me.. ^^

michelle_ said...

thanks comment nya yah :)
itu resto huzie trivelli di cideng.. dari tanah abang lu terusss lagi .. nga tau dr sana lu belok kiri gtu.. trs sampe dhe ..

tau gang gang sulai/bumbu desa cideng nga ? itu deretan sana gtu ..

oo itu post nya . pertama gw pencet send tp nga ke send .. trs jd gw komen lwt bb . eh ternyata nongol 2biji .. hahah .

thx for being my loyal follower !
stay tuned for my blog giveaway in a moment:)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Love those photos! And great job on finding the purple items. :) I especially love those purple glasses you have. So cool!

christina said...

I'm such a fan of Alexa Chung! I have a folder of simply her outfits!

michelle_ said...

Oh yesh I'd love to meet u too :D

And glad that I can "teach" u stuff on blogging
It really is an experience with this blogging thing going on .

Hrs tetep smangat trs !
Nga blh putus asah !
Keep commenting on pple's blog .
Keep posting new post up :D

Ok email me anytime ! Or tweet me :)

Yofany said...

nice post!
love alexa chungchungchungg :DD

Alita Claudia said...

i love love love alexa chung !!!! anyway i need your help on my blog , thanks !

onic said...

alexa is a big inspiration :]
well done with the award!

Beki said...

Love her style!!!

Yofany said...

hello :)
can u join the ugg boots giveaways comp? just click at the icon on my blog(just in case you want)-thanks before.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh by the way, just wanted to let you know that I'm following you now. Will you follow me? :)

Citra Ernest said...

hi, I love Alexa Chung too!!

anw, I'm just curious whether u live in Surabaya because I also come from sby :) I hope we can be blogger friends as I'm still newbie here and need a lot of infos about designing blog. thanks :)