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more inspirations ( and

HOT today.
all from

the lacey dress(so girly look) // pattern tights (like it too much!)

her pants, bag, and the boots are the killers!

the blazer, so fabolous!

heiii,, they are just with the good mood i think.
^^. very cute and chic.

more inspirations, for more get the best mix and match. :)

anyway, rainy season is just coming for Indo.
get ready to enjoy it.
and, all of this pictures are my wishlist to get some pics,
with rainy seasons and its effect.

all pictures from

*anyway, i just changed my link account, and absolutely my blog's name.
and surely for the layout that you saw when my page is opened.
get from Shabby blogs.
just want to know your opinion.

10 lovely comment (s):

michelle_ said...

these are all awesome pictures . cant choose a favorite !
I've got a new VIDEO BLOG up now ! it's the DIY tutorial of the shredded shirt you commented on :)
please check it out if you have time..

btw . knp ganti domain name ?

Yofany said...

love it!!!! :DD
i linked you darla :D

F i K a said...

fiaan..I just realized that you got a new layout, a new name, and also a new link..hihi

it looks nice :) it..
andd keep post something like this inspires me a lot.all of them were great!!! :D

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful inspirations !! And I love the 1st two the most,beautiful bloggers always !

Fitri said...

These picture are all awesome, but i love the last picture where's the girl wearing a blue cardigan, ilove her shoes <3

Sher said...

Hey sweetie,

Thanks for the lovely comment, am following you back! LOve your inspirational pics, the rain effects on the pics are so beautiful! I'll love to have my pics look like that too!!


onic said...

hello, sure i'd love to exchange link with you. i actually add your link on my blog. let me know when you have my blog linked up :]

Imogen said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. Im about to follow your blog.

michelle_ said...

thanks for the comment and supporting my blog yeee :)

michelle_ said...

btw. sure I'll exchange links with you :)