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a little for today.

i just very miss all of you. :)
and absolutely very miss my time to write the new post.
just have some schedule. and nothing special too. :)
this is my special outfit today. and it's follow me, to make my day is more wonderful today.
just want to have more spirit and i can do everything to be the best.

sunglassess : unbranded. black blazer : Buckingham. shirt : Awon.
trousers : UFO collection. shoes : unbranded. bag : Ticexbag.

hei, my photographer (my friend. Yshe.), is on the mirror *left. :)

the special one, is the lace on the blazer.

and the others special thing, is the studds on my old shoes. :)

and the last, finally i can "make up" my mobile phone full with studds. ^^
like this too much!

see you on the next post.
wanna blogwalking after this. :)

1 lovely comment (s):

Yofany said...

your blazer is so nice and it's mixed well with your top! nice job! :3