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top : vintage / skirt : unbranded / tights, shoes, bangles : random / necklace : my handmade (available on PhieGarage)

hi dear all! miss my blog so much, and all of you, the fabolous fashion bloggers. i will gonna to do blogwalking after this post, because i want to get much inspirations from your post dear! :) okay, just continue this post... it's a reunion, that i did it 3 days ago. some activities just make we haven't (special) time to meet some friends directly and just have a little bit moment to do some activities (as usual if the girls are meeting! :D). well, due to the reason, we make this meeting. :)
choose one of my favourite palce in my town. just enjoy all of my picture! ^^

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it's reunion! this is just for the girls! only! :D
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:: ::

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just did each angle to show each character ... :)

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time to the SLR camera shoot ...

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yay ! the best canded i did. isn't it ? :D
just for the Latte shoot !

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candlelight sensation !

as usual, i just hope and pray for the best to my thesis! :)
just pray for me too dear... thanks before.

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miss you all.


back for random!

hi dear all! ***
oh, finally i get this time, altought just the short time to post something on my blog. my thesis is more need my consentration, a lot i think than anothers. just run! for my target (graduation for this year i hope), pray for me too please. :D well, it's the prologue and to make all of you understand, why i didn't update my blog. so, the next i will tell you all things that i want to share with you, all of my lovely readers. :)

* the blogger meet-up
with the fellow blogger from Jakarta, Eva Silviana - Crunchy Cheese Me
anyway, so petite i'm! :[
too late! but it's better than i miss it on my blog! :)

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what i wore >> flower blazer : vintage. black shirt : Simplicity. black skirt : unbranded.
tights/bangles/bag : random. flat shoes :
Marionette Comes Alive

yeah, the white flat shoes that i wore it's one of the gift from Marionette Comes Alive giveaway, remember that i'm the winner? :] next. and this is my routine posting, that i'll share with you some inspirations from hot look in, just enjoy it!

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pants, with the strype top and the blazer. make it perfect with the shoes. which one do you like, the heels or the flat? make it chic or vintage? my choice to make it chic. not the worst to make it vintage absolutely, but special for this match, with the heels is great, ha? :D give your opinion too!

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her ring! to be like one of PhieGarage's collections, want it? visit here, it's available to order. :)
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gorgeous tights! yay!

will be back soon, with outfit post ya dear! miss u all.

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