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281088 (surprise!!!)

.and they are so loveable for me.
just wanna say thanks a lot for you my friends.



21 years ago, was born in Dumai, one of small city, but the place is so loveable one.
Until this time, when this story to be written by the writer,
she was already to experience a lot of story in her life.
And now, she already become one person, that not a girl, not yet a woman.
Just always hope, everything in her life to be the best,
that she can gives for all people, who loves her.

she-her = me.

Ya, today is my birthday. Just wanna say givethanks to the Lord,
who gives me some favour that so precious for my life.
For everything, all things in my life.

Wanna say thanks a lot to my daddy and my mom too.
They are my lovely favour, love them so much.
And the others lovely favour, are my sisters, all in my BIG family,
all of my friends, and also all people who make my life is so colorfull.
Haaa, absolutely all of you. My blog's readers. :)

Just wanna make a wish,
that i can become to be a better and better person.
And absolutely for my self too.
Do the best for my future,
make my parent happy,
and always pray for the story of my love.

.Wherever you go, go with all your heart (Confusius).


La Princesse Endormie.

very sweety!
i found her site when i just playing around with
she is one of the contributor of some images, that we can use for the background.
great! gorgeous! so full of the value of art!
it's my opinion, you? hou, just let see a part of her photos collection.

wanna to visit, just click her tumblr pic @below.

or in polyvore site, in here.
get more inspiration from her collection.


totally support.

well, just wanna to have fun with this post. :)
the inspiration is come from

Michelle-Glisters and Blisters's post in here.

very excited to do it.
and, let see...
the inside of my bag everyday, that together
and totally support for every time i have in this life. ^^

> ELLE bag
> E. Timber wallet (from my mom, she bought it @Singapore)
> pink small make-up bag (i got from one of teen magazines, when i'm 17 years old.)
and her content is .....
.vintage mirror (from my mom.). silver-white hairband (my hair is starting to long, so for this time, i always bring it, to bandle my hair, when the temperature isn't support,,hhh!).
the brown-comb. Papyrus Flower Wild Savana Spirit-eau de parfume. Red-A grape lipbalm. Strawberry Red-lip on lip. Visine (my eyes are so sensitive, so i always bring it). nail clippers. instant hand sanitiser. and some keys (home's key and my motorcylce's key).
> two flashdisk-Sandisk and Kingston
> tissue (absolutely!)
> my Nokia E63 (leave it @home? never! :D)
> my lovely sunglassess (sometimes, i bring them, but not always.)

and the last, nothing special for my weekend . just stay at home, prepare to my training job test, went to the church and for several hours ago, i just finished the two accesories by my handmade. :)
* studded and tiger print action. (the form, is inspiration from here.)
* the vintage button bow. (maybe i use it for hairclip.)

happy and will use it as soon as possible.
now, time to sleep.

23.10.09 inspiration for this week.

haaa !
just love to write on my blog right now.
in my feeling, i just fallin' in love with blogging now. :D

anyway, start from 1 week ago, i just written the same post. and i'll do it continuously, and for every week. :)
like the photo collection, where everyone just upload their best pic (i think, especially @hot looks part). yap!

for the 1st, the photos will show for us, that the autumn seasons just "in the showing" right now in there. did you know that i ever written one post about this season? it's in my post autumn and his action. i just love the colour of the trees, when the autumn was coming. yuhu... :)
check the photos @ below, they are use the autumn action colour to take their pic.

and the next, there are the inspiration for add to my box inspiration.
*sight !!

love so much her shoes, ah !!

Rhiannon is so beautiful in here.
like her victorian dress too much!

and for this,i'm totally like her style, from head to toe. yeah!

all photos just from hot looks!

see you in my others post, let me to take a rest.


vintage addict.

edit by me, layout from here.

hi everyone. :)
welcome to my outfit post (again).
in this post, i just wanna to use and make "the vintage addict". hou...
for along time (i think!), i don't use the vintage oufit.
miss it and want to add my photos collection with vintage tone. :)
yuhuu, start to check all of this.

flower vintage shirt : 2nd product @Sekaten.
white tees : U2.
tights : Pantyhorse from Spring Blossom.
wedges sandals : Efany.
brown bag : ELLE.

flower vintage shirt : 2nd product @Sekaten.
white tees : U2.
tights : Pantyhorse from Spring Blossom.
wedges sandals : Efany.
scraft : Malioboro stuff.
vintage bag : Renoir.

all photos and edit by me.

yap! the wardrobe is just my all collection. include all of the properties. oh ya, they are two things that i made by my self. as you look from the 3rd photos. ya, the statement necklace and the headband. so amateur, but not bad, isn't it? :D
and the others special thing is my wedges sandals. it's my old collection. long time no use it. but when the sandals was my new one, i used it for some activities and almost everyday. yap! my lovely one in the past. :)

so, what's your comment? just leave your lovely comments. :)
i took all of this, in back side of my home, haa! never mind, and i'll do it later.
the set is suitable to get vintage tone, right?
anyway, ah! i hope, i 've the time to do any journey (again) for my photo session.
wish i've the time to do it.
oh ya, just wanna say congratulation for Yofany-Huelicious, because she is the winner for the giveaways by Fika-Sweet Escape that i posted several days ago. hou, so lucky you are and wait for the post when you will use the giveaways dear.
wish i'll be the winner for the others giveaways. :)
and for the last, happy time to all of you. keep spirit and good luck for everything you do.

Training Job (part 1).

haaa !!
very happy today. :)
finally my training job report is acceptanced. yeayy! *cheers ^^
i don't suppose that it's more fast than i think. and just wanna say thank you so much, for Lord, my parent's support and not forget surely, for my guide lecturer, Mr. Agus Putranto. :)
and now the time to prepare all things to the exam of this training job report. *haa, imagine it and i'm so nervous. but i'll do the best for it.
pray for me yah. :)

my training job report in the raw form . Mr.Agus's signature and the words "ACC untuk diujikan".

Success is a leader
that cann't be climbed
with your hands
in your pocket.
(Gogirl! quote)

just wanna (always) try to do the best for my future.
keep spirit!



just a little bit inspiration from "The Ugly Truth".

hi all readers !
due to the bad connection is attack my internet connection, make me cann't post yesterday. oh!
but i can handle it now, the connection is more more better than yesterday.
so, i'll use it to write this post to my blog and can share it with all of you,
my lovely blog's readers. :)

yesterday, i went to the cinema and enjoyed one of film in there, that is "The Ugly Truth".
very lately yaw! haaa...
but no problem, just enjoy the film with my friends. ^^

The Ugly Truth ticket @Empire Cinema XXI.

that i want to discuss with you is Abby Ritcher's gown (Katherine Heigl).
and also her hair style @the film. yap!

hot black ARMANI gown.

so simple, but sexy and elegant look, right?
haa,,wanna to use it for my dating plan later. haaa! :D *kidding.

her hair style.

not only her gown, i also like her hair style too much.
fall and very pretty look. :)

white loose gown.

oh! too comfortable look.
very simple. like it! ^^

haaa,,not only Abby's gown and her hair style,
but also the story of this film can add your knowledge about "real LOVE".
LOVE is just need your ordinary self,
not any more.
(the simple conclusion that i can make from this film).
the good one inspiration, right ? :)

anyway, i'm reading my new book.
bought it a few days ago @one book store.
do you read the book too?
i want to finish it as soon as possible.
just wanna know, there is the others story about this life,
that it can make you more realize,
"my life is more lucky than their life".
this is one step of me, to think better about everything. :)

yap. tomorrow i'll going to campus.
wanna enjoy my quality sleep and hope tomorrow won't sleepy. ^^
see you at my next post ya.

16.10.09 inspiration for this week

shoulder's outfit.

hat !

oversized clutch. the big ring. the vintage umbrella.

there are my inspiration for this week from hot looks.
outfit and accesories. and not left behind for the properties of photo shoot.
add for my inspiration box !


let's dance!

blazer : Gabicci. blue shirt : MNG. jeans skirt : Polo jeans. fulltights : Pantyhouse. heels : Missel. studded necklace : my handmate.

for the 1st, let me said :
"so sorry for my photos, all aren't clear, because they are lack of the light, huu" :(
but anyway, i'm fun with my photos too :D

take the photos for my mood with the music that can make me dance. haaa !
for long time, never play on my music player --> the hiphop, RnB or the others like it.
and for this morning, just dance with the "authism syndrome" (is it right? LOL.)

this is my action ! haaaa. *sight.

on my playlist :

> PITBULL feat. PHARRELL. blanco
> LADY GAGA. poker face
> RIHANNA feat. The Club. hatin' on the club
> MILEY CYRUS. party in USA
> PIXIE LOTT. mama do
>RIHANNA feat. LADY GAGA. silly boy

yeah... !!!

just wanna share you. and wait here for your comment.


Oct's fashion stuff project & wishlist.

it's about my project and wishlist in this month. :)
too much, but it's a fact ! i just get so much inspiration for this time.
i don't know why, just follow it and try to make it to the real :)
and now, let's start to talk about it!

* a big bow necklace.

it's my handmade that i 've been finished since this month began.
used it for my photos @ my home in Surabaya for a week ago.
btw, this photos especially for Michelle - Glisters and Blisters. :)

and the next,,haaaa... ^^

*want to have four items in my diary @ below.

1. the simple short skirt like the girl when @ Senior High School :)
2. statement necklace with triangle form and the bold colours. (wanna make it by my self -->
D.I.Y project)
3. black vintage bag with studded, ah ! studded again. >.< (will order it)
4. the grey studded belt. (D.I.Y project again,, haaa... ^^ ) next, this tiger motif cloth, just 'll use it for my secret lovely collection. *yeaayy !

>>> the important thing is all of this inspiration, just from Gogirl! Magazine for real, thank you so much beb,,hou... :)

* GIVEAWAYS by Fika - Sweet Escape.

she will give us the three her necklaces, they are :

1. Sequin Necklace
2. DIY tie dye studded necklace
3. Silver burn Bird cage necklace

hopefully i'll be the winner ! :)

for more info, just click here.

* the pumps.

for Michelle - Glisters and Blisters (again) ^^

oh! her pumps is attack me, to find the others one like her own.
wanna to have it michelle,, :)
do you want to see another her beauty pic, just click her blog's pic @ below ^^

*like ur blog's pic btw,, ^^

just try to do the project and wish i can get my wish ^^
make sure all can make me happy,,haaa :)
've a nice time to "make up" ur self,
not just with ur "outside" performance,
but with ur "inside" beauty too, like Sophia Laren said. :)

*all edit by me, the colleges from here.