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Oct's fashion stuff project & wishlist.

it's about my project and wishlist in this month. :)
too much, but it's a fact ! i just get so much inspiration for this time.
i don't know why, just follow it and try to make it to the real :)
and now, let's start to talk about it!

* a big bow necklace.

it's my handmade that i 've been finished since this month began.
used it for my photos @ my home in Surabaya for a week ago.
btw, this photos especially for Michelle - Glisters and Blisters. :)

and the next,,haaaa... ^^

*want to have four items in my diary @ below.

1. the simple short skirt like the girl when @ Senior High School :)
2. statement necklace with triangle form and the bold colours. (wanna make it by my self -->
D.I.Y project)
3. black vintage bag with studded, ah ! studded again. >.< (will order it)
4. the grey studded belt. (D.I.Y project again,, haaa... ^^ ) next, this tiger motif cloth, just 'll use it for my secret lovely collection. *yeaayy !

>>> the important thing is all of this inspiration, just from Gogirl! Magazine for real, thank you so much beb,,hou... :)

* GIVEAWAYS by Fika - Sweet Escape.

she will give us the three her necklaces, they are :

1. Sequin Necklace
2. DIY tie dye studded necklace
3. Silver burn Bird cage necklace

hopefully i'll be the winner ! :)

for more info, just click here.

* the pumps.

for Michelle - Glisters and Blisters (again) ^^

oh! her pumps is attack me, to find the others one like her own.
wanna to have it michelle,, :)
do you want to see another her beauty pic, just click her blog's pic @ below ^^

*like ur blog's pic btw,, ^^

just try to do the project and wish i can get my wish ^^
make sure all can make me happy,,haaa :)
've a nice time to "make up" ur self,
not just with ur "outside" performance,
but with ur "inside" beauty too, like Sophia Laren said. :)

*all edit by me, the colleges from here.

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michelle_ said...

firsst comment
awweee thanks for the post . love it so much :)

semangat blogging terus yah !
you're doing great !

Caroline Robianto said...

thanks for dropping by on my blog ;)

regina said...

we what a nice blog. and thanks for blogwalking on my blog:)