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just a little bit inspiration from "The Ugly Truth".

hi all readers !
due to the bad connection is attack my internet connection, make me cann't post yesterday. oh!
but i can handle it now, the connection is more more better than yesterday.
so, i'll use it to write this post to my blog and can share it with all of you,
my lovely blog's readers. :)

yesterday, i went to the cinema and enjoyed one of film in there, that is "The Ugly Truth".
very lately yaw! haaa...
but no problem, just enjoy the film with my friends. ^^

The Ugly Truth ticket @Empire Cinema XXI.

that i want to discuss with you is Abby Ritcher's gown (Katherine Heigl).
and also her hair style @the film. yap!

hot black ARMANI gown.

so simple, but sexy and elegant look, right?
haa,,wanna to use it for my dating plan later. haaa! :D *kidding.

her hair style.

not only her gown, i also like her hair style too much.
fall and very pretty look. :)

white loose gown.

oh! too comfortable look.
very simple. like it! ^^

haaa,,not only Abby's gown and her hair style,
but also the story of this film can add your knowledge about "real LOVE".
LOVE is just need your ordinary self,
not any more.
(the simple conclusion that i can make from this film).
the good one inspiration, right ? :)

anyway, i'm reading my new book.
bought it a few days ago @one book store.
do you read the book too?
i want to finish it as soon as possible.
just wanna know, there is the others story about this life,
that it can make you more realize,
"my life is more lucky than their life".
this is one step of me, to think better about everything. :)

yap. tomorrow i'll going to campus.
wanna enjoy my quality sleep and hope tomorrow won't sleepy. ^^
see you at my next post ya.

1 lovely comment (s):

michelle_ said...

ugly truth is one of the best movies this year !! thanks for the armani dress info.. didnt know it was made by armani...
and yesss.. I LOVE KATHERINE HEIGL'S hair ! it's very angeliccc..