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for the 1st time.

top : Post Mode. skirt : Desdonna by Tajima. fultights : Pantyhose by Spring Blossom Box. flatshoes : Marie Claire. bag : Ticexbags.
sunglasses : Gucci. etnic ring : Royal Plaza. nail polish : Casandra.

hello :)
like i said, that i bought the fulltights from
Spring Blossom Box a few days ago.
and i try to used it,,and hou..
surprise for me that the tights don't make
my calf look more large as i scared before :)

took the photos in front of my house at Surabaya.
gonna not satisfied, with my shoes. haa !
i think better use the heels or platforms.
but i don't bring my heels. :(
but it's okey. next time i will use the tights
with the heels or platforms or boots.
do you have the same opinion for my photos like me?
leave your comment yaw... ^^

love the two candid photos @below,,

1 lovely comment (s):

Della Agatha said...

hi, blogwalking and drop at yours.
if only i could see the photos more clearly. but i do like what you wear. cause i love black. ^^

visit me if you dont mind. thx