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let's dance!

blazer : Gabicci. blue shirt : MNG. jeans skirt : Polo jeans. fulltights : Pantyhouse. heels : Missel. studded necklace : my handmate.

for the 1st, let me said :
"so sorry for my photos, all aren't clear, because they are lack of the light, huu" :(
but anyway, i'm fun with my photos too :D

take the photos for my mood with the music that can make me dance. haaa !
for long time, never play on my music player --> the hiphop, RnB or the others like it.
and for this morning, just dance with the "authism syndrome" (is it right? LOL.)

this is my action ! haaaa. *sight.

on my playlist :

> PITBULL feat. PHARRELL. blanco
> LADY GAGA. poker face
> RIHANNA feat. The Club. hatin' on the club
> MILEY CYRUS. party in USA
> PIXIE LOTT. mama do
>RIHANNA feat. LADY GAGA. silly boy

yeah... !!!

just wanna share you. and wait here for your comment.

2 lovely comment (s):

Yofany said...

nice post!

fhen said...

i love those rnb songs you posted!