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Water Castle mood.

hi all readers. :)
nice and very happy can share my photos again.
in this time, my explore is not only for mix and match wardrobe and the accesories.
i'm very love everythings that include to culture and art ! houu :)
so, it's inspirate me to take some pics of me at the "culture place", it's called Water Castle a.k.a Taman Sari, its name of Indonesian.

in there, very glad that i got a lot of nice and amazing pics.
there are so many tourist when i got my pics this morning.
it's naturally i think, because the place have a story that very important
and to shape one of the precious thing of Kraton Yogyakarta.
do you want to know, more the story of this place?just click here.

and now, let's talk about my wardrobe,,haa :)
black shirt : Simply Smart. vintage skirt flower : mom's collection. shoes : Candy. hairpiece : Strawberry.
sunglasses : Dior. nail polish : Pokari. my butterfly necklace : Malioboro stuff. belt : my handmade & design ^^.

i got some pics that loveable more.
especially for the spots that it's unique i think,,hou...
like this :

nothing to say again, just appreciate for Tpho my friend as photografer,
and me absolutely as model,,haha... :D

*photos by Tpho

the lovely spot i 've ever gotten,,haaaa.... :)

okaii, it's time to me to sleep.
my lovely bed, not patient come to you :)
finally, see you at the next post yaa...
can't wait to take others picture, that 've the value of culture (again). :)
enjoy my post...

3 lovely comment (s):

Eva Silviana said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog :) foto2nya bagus, dimana itu?

t a l i s h a said...

nice shades and that's a lovely floral skirt.. thanks for your comment. an what makes you think you won't be able to wear themm, dear? they're great(:

lisa + cathy said...

i love the sunnies your wearing. the look alot like the chanel ones! and you live in such a perfect tropical area