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21 years ago, was born in Dumai, one of small city, but the place is so loveable one.
Until this time, when this story to be written by the writer,
she was already to experience a lot of story in her life.
And now, she already become one person, that not a girl, not yet a woman.
Just always hope, everything in her life to be the best,
that she can gives for all people, who loves her.

she-her = me.

Ya, today is my birthday. Just wanna say givethanks to the Lord,
who gives me some favour that so precious for my life.
For everything, all things in my life.

Wanna say thanks a lot to my daddy and my mom too.
They are my lovely favour, love them so much.
And the others lovely favour, are my sisters, all in my BIG family,
all of my friends, and also all people who make my life is so colorfull.
Haaa, absolutely all of you. My blog's readers. :)

Just wanna make a wish,
that i can become to be a better and better person.
And absolutely for my self too.
Do the best for my future,
make my parent happy,
and always pray for the story of my love.

.Wherever you go, go with all your heart (Confusius).

3 lovely comment (s):

Ladyulia said...

happy birthday deaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr
wish u all the best

F i K a said...

happy birthday fiaan!!

wish U all the best and have a wonderful bday yaa!! :)

michelle_ said...

RE: thanks for ur comment sis ..

happy birthday by the way :)