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<3 boots.

<3 boots!
and all of them are my wishlist. haa! *all picture just from here.

boots in trends right now. let's check my looklet design to use boots in some ways. :)

*just be my friend at looklet, with visit in here.

and woho!
Ugg boots are inspiring mee too. Especially to support "vintage style",
with the Ugg Boots classic model.

i just like the simple boots. yap!
with the netral colours too. (black, brown smooth, or grey.)
Anyway, did you know that Whooga Ugg Boots will give you a chance
to get their product with the simple way?

just check it in here for more information.


#have a great Sunday#

11 lovely comment (s):

onic said...

the first boots are the killers!

michelle_ said...

love all boots !
its sad that we get that 'are you an alien?' look from strangers if we wear boots in indo .

nice looklet pics . i love styling people cus i know that some trends I wouldn't wear it at all on my body :D

am following ur blog dear :)

michelle_ said...

yes . short boots are still okay dear :D
but u still get that alien look depending where you go . haha..

Yofany said...

i love booots!
wish i could get one! :(

dotie said...

I'm totally diggin' the 2nd one!!

beckyxoxo said...

ohh i love boots too ! and i need ones . been wondering if my mom will buy me or not . haha . and uggs are so comfy i heard . but i prefer doc marts :D

Imogen said...

I love the first boots, very beautiful.

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl !

I love love those Ugg boots !! Been wanting to get one of them,but they are kinda expensive.

Maybe soooon <3

michellehendra said...

love love this :) the boots are greatt..

michelle_ said...

hi hi hi .
ak ada post baru nih :)

and follow my new twitter acc yah .

Della Agatha said...

hi, thanks for he comments..
love the boots all of them!have a nice Sunday!