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back to some inspirations!

well, just back to posting some inspirations.
ready to enjoy it? let see! :)
some choices by me, from "Hot Look" in

stripe top with the blazer, fabolous! and the bag? just like it!

a good combination, right ? *time to relax.... :)

so chic! yay, the pattern tight is so flirty with the flower pattern. :D

vintage style ? always love it! and this is one of good project for the vintage style! :)

and, the most favourite choice by me is ...
.Ployy Boonyatee.

if you have the account, just visit her in here.
i like too much the style, from her wardrobe and absolutely her design
and set to take some pictures. totally get some inspiration from her pictures. :)

for the next, i got some inspirations too from Etsy and Polyvore.
all the bags is so fabolous for me. do you like it too? :]

anyway, i just attack with the boredom! especially with the condition that i have to finish my thesis draft. *but just fervent on spirit! right? :)
so i always feel and look anything is so flat and just make me more lazy than usual. just make me don't have some inspirations to post something that interesting for me and absolutely all of you, my lovely readers. from yesterday i just feel better than before. and all of the photos at above, already i collected from a few days ago. and just get the time to post it on my blog at the right time. finally, get the spirit to post it and yay! i think this inspiration came to me due to my hangout plan with my bestfriends tonight. will watching the Twilight Saga a.k.a New Moon (*very lately.... haa, but i just got the time to watch it now) and having dinner time together.
get ready, i'm not patient for tonight. yay!

finally, i just miss my post about outfit and the photo session. yaa, have not the time to do it yet, and nothing special too for what i'm wearing everyday. as soon as possible i'll do it, because i want to share more special thing that i prepared for this month. yap! Christmast time, just wait for it. :) well, just wish me luck for the thesis draft and my business plan. :) Good luck to all of you.
Hug! <3

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michelle_ said...

nice post on the lookbook hotties !
i love them too esp the thai girl . she has a blog too . but i forgot what her blog is . hehe

thanks for your comment at my blog :D
i loveddd this postt !
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Jasmine said...

Love the back of that jacket on the first picture! Lovely selection of looks..great blog!

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment girl!

I love all these inspirational photos! So beautiful and I love the girl on the last few photo,she has amazing style !

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the last girl!

Sher said...

Love your inspirational pictures, it's good for me cos I hardly have time to go through lookbook nowadays:P

Have fun watching New Moon! I'm so jealous, I must be the only blogger who haven't seen it yet!!

dotie said...

agree..they're indeed great inspirations :)

about my shoes..yes they're extremely comfy and light considering the overly high heels..

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comment on the blog giveaway :D I've got a new blog post up !
CLICK HERE to enter my handmade scarf giveaway !

visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

Sabila Anata said...

gosh they are all so inspiring !
oh yaa do you mind exchanging links with me ?
thank you

Imogen said...

Good choices. I like the first picture the most.