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oh, christmas is just will coming! i'm not patient to wait the time. and did you know something that always be happened....? is the bankrupt as soon as possible before the christmas time. haha! LOL, :) but it just the expression that we (christian people) are very happy to celebrate it. ^^ okai, just let me talk my wish since i'm teenagers. i just like the snow too much. hoo, but in this country (Indonesia) is just have two seasons, and not four seasons. oh! want to know how celebrate the Christmas time with playing snow. *imagine it now! but i hope one day i'll enjoy the Christmas time with playing snow too.

for the next, i just like too much the lamp flares from all stuff christmas. for example all of the christmas tree accesories. :) just hope that i will get some blessing from this Christmast that will be coming soon.

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from some Christmas inspiration, i want to share you some informations about fashion stuff. for the first, i just already order some stuff to celebrate this month. haa! just wait for my oufit post. and from all my order, one of my order is from Nefertiti Jewelz. haa, two pictures at below is some products by Nefertiti Jewelz that will be available on 3rd week of December 2009. oh! i just adore for this two necklace, so fabolous! especially the 1st necklace. aah! will order it when this necklace available on 3rd week later. :*
how is about your opinion? like it too? just check it in here.

oh ya, for the last, i just joined the giveaway from Michelle - Glisters and Blisters, one of my favourite blog. the most i think! :) she's very gorgeous, and i just learn very much how to blog better and bettern than before i did from her. ^^ want to know more? click here.

well, hope i'll be the winner for this giveaway. and now i just waiting my order stuff from some online shop. in my plan for next week, i'll be hunting some stuff too directly *but i don't know just will go to where yet. yap! just remember my responsibility always, it's my thesis draft, will collect it at Monday. so, just spirit! enough i think, for this post. :)
see you on the next post. hug! <3

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michelle_ said...

thanks for the repost Fian !!

visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

michelle_ said...

fian i love ur new display picture !
thanks for your comment at my blog :D
i loveddd this postt !

visit / follow / and comment me .
xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

Sher said...

Oh beautiful post Fian!! I love Christmas decorations!! And the necklace you ordered is lovely, I hope it arrives soon:)

Lilee said...

great blog, love the4 photos!

Imogen said...

Beautiful photos. The Christmas decorations are very pretty. I love Michelle's blog too!

Panda said...

Hey There :) Just stumbled upon your blog - and its so cute! Such gorgeous photos, i can't wait for xmas either.....
Love the lacy neckpeice too!

Panda xx

S. said...

I love Christmas soooo much :)

fhen said...

love the post! and i love the christmas feel :)

Isquisofrenia Style said...

this post is amazing , love those lights and chirstimas yes around the corner!!
love the snow here too, i wanna lay down and play with it


michelle_ said...

keren yah nefertiti nya :D
huuuuu . pingin dh . tp lg nabung buat brighspot markettt . ehhe

km masi maen tumblr ?

t a l i s h a said...

love the second necklace! yes.. may the best wins *i also entered the giveaway*