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with the fresh air.

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photos by me.
hello dear!
so excited to post and share all of about this photo session. as my promise on my previous post, that i said i will posting again some post about my outfit and the photo session too. and absolutely due to my thesis draft is just wait for the time to collect, now i'm more relax than before. *althought i have some project to finish, but it's not make me haven't time to post on my blog, or forget my blog too. *never! yap, enough for the prologue i think. :) just start to tell you about the details from this photo session.

in this photo session, i took the photos in two place. the first place is the Air Force Academy Yogyakarta area. *haa,,don't frightened with the place :D
actually, this place are forbidden to play around of there. haha! but i just try to be a bad girl (just for temporary) :D well, the reason why to get some photos in there...because you can get the perfect effect from the cloud. haaa,,my fortune when i took the photos, i just get the spot with the eery tree. hmm,, make something unique i think, and finally.. just see the photos! :]

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.black shirt : simply smart. the outter : Elie. shawl : Ritzy Diane House (online shop). skirt : unbranded.
vintage bag : mom's. the bangles : Malioboro stuff. the sunglasses : unbranded.

the next, this is the photos that you can see the anvil plane. *look the plane on the back side of me!

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the second place is the Ratu Boko Temple. the place is not far from the Air Force Academy, and very near with the Prambanan Temple. :] like the culture too much! this is one of my favourite temple that i ever meet.

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love the Temple Gate!!

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hei, this is my favourite photo! :]
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.black shirt : simply smart. the outter : Elie. shawl : Ritzy Diane House (online shop). skirt : unbranded.
the bangles : Malioboro stuff. the sunglasses : unbranded. flat sandal : Modena

and this is my DIY nail arts. :) what's your opinion? i just like the nail arts now. wanna make the gorgeous one. but it's the first i try, and not bad i think, right? :D

.mint nail polish : Pokari / the flower sticker : Naughty.
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and oh! nowadays is almost the end of this year. did you have some plans to be your resolutions for your life in the next year? i just start to list it. see you on the next post!

this is my favourite candid photo! :]
*actually i wore this necklace for the first, but i changed it with the shawl
that will make full colour i think, to save my black outfit! ^^

.leopard statement necklace : my handmade.
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all my photos by Tpho.

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Hug! <3

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Isquisofrenia Style said...

that place is really cool and your outfit is awesome too
i love the necklace and those glasses are the best
you look adorable hon


betz said...

what a lovely post! i lova your photos. your nails are adorable!

Valencia Lia said...

Love love this photo shoot done !! I really adore adore the beautiful photos and your outfits:)

Gorgeous scarf and the necklace too <3

regina said...

yes yes and yes its a great place you know!!! sam great as your outfit hehehe and thankyou ya kak, for your really nice cmmnt and i already follow you!!!! if you dont mind, do you want exchagelink?

michelle_ said...

these are beautiful shots darling !
i love the one with the grass around you !

cute sunnies too darll ~
awesome blog post darling !
thanks for sharing this with everyone in the internet worl :D

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
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Diane said...

Hy there! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Love the pictures and lovely outfit that you put together, especially the purse :P

I'm also a fan of nail decoration. Actually tonight I'm going to post some pictures of my current nail design :D


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Cute photos. Good job on the nail art as well! xx

Sher said...

What a beautiful photoshoot, my dear! I think the clouds behind looks like painting!!

I love your nail art too, would you do my nails haha?


michelle_ said...

i loved this post dear . keep posting' up good stuffx .

thx for droppin' by and commenting .
check my blog & comment +follow at
gListeRs & bListeRs
last day to enter my scarf giveaway!

F i K a said...

woow..what a lovely place for photoshoot!! those photos are great!!

and I agree that you changed the necklace with the scarf :)..good choice..

Serg Riva said...

great location. fun blog...

heart charlie said...

You look so cute, I love that necklace in the last photo!

fhen said...

a very nice location for the photo shoot
by the way i have linked you :)
mind to link me back?