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resolutions before 2010 will coming.

hi dear bloggers... :)
just need almost 2 days to get in 2010. so, will you 've the list to some resolutions for your target or something else like your dream (purposes) that want you get in 2010? haa... let's make the list and try to discipline with the schedule to support all of your target dear! ^^ well. there are my BIG targets for 2010.
1. graduation, ASAP!
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just wish me luck, i'll try to do my best! not anymore, just do my best! and absolutely, hope will get the best job for me asap after thte graduation. God bless. :)
2. wanna do some of the project, especially for all about of the fashion that i'm so excited, especially for the vintage style. :)
3. just always try to be a good blogger for sure.
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4. for the last, nothing else that more important than always try to repair some of the "error" things, or all of that i did in 2009.
yuhuuu... with 100% spirit and full of the ensurement to try and do my best for all of the targets. how about all of you dear? just share with me. :)
oh ya, tomorrow will go to Semarang city with my family. and will celebrate the happy new year party in there. where will your new year party to welcome the 2010 years?
see you in 2010 dear!
hug and kiss,,

3 lovely comment (s):

regina said...

your number 1 and 3 resolution is just the same with me. wishing we're being a good blogger and graduate too:)))

Imogen said...

Good luck with everything. I hope you achieve everything you wish to in 2010. Happy New Year.

Sher said...

Sweetheart, I'm sure you'll be able to achieve all these goals you have for 2010! Don't worry:)