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Christmas gift.

May we have a meaningful Christmas!! :)

finally, have the chance to write this post. ^^
have the great time with my family. and all of Christian people, who celebrate Christmas day too for sure. hear the Church's bell cann't stop when "Gloria in Excelsis Deo..." is playing..... and this one song too, i always waiting and want to hear it on Christmas day.

O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Til He appeared and the soul felt it's worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoyces
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees

O hear the angel voices
O night divine!
O night when Christ was born
O night divine!
O night, O night divine!

And in His Name, all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we
Let all within us praise his holy name
Christ is the Lord!
Their name forever praise we

Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O holy Divine

lyrics from here.

the sweetest gift from one of my lovely friend, Mery.
thank you so much sweetie.

for the next, in this post i'll share with you some of my stuff with close up look. i wore that for this two days. no special thing for the wardrobe, and i don't know why, i just want to share the close up look from my accesories that i wore, and not my outfit. :D

1. i wore it for the Christmas night!
rose ring : Little Garage. nail red polish : Pokari.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. wore it for this Christmas day.
black : Jolie Jewelry (local store). white : bought it at Prambanan temple
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and the last, this is a little surprise for me. i got one award, and the first award for my blog for sure. this award i got from Dotie-eclectic du jour, thank you so much dear. :)
altought, in other side, i just feel not decently to received this award. think that i need much learn and always learn to be a good blogger and will be decently to received this award. but, i'm so proud and happy with this award, and make me to make my blog more and more great than before. i think will look this award as the others Christmas gift too.

well, for this award, i have to write 7 facts about me. Dotie just wrote about the things very gorgeous i think. she wrote the 7 stylish book, and all of that include into Electic du Jour's book club. houu,,me... i'll share with you 7 bloggers, that i choose for my favourite list., especially for my blog's content inspiration. will not explained for the details, because i think you already knew and have ever visit their blog for sure, right? haa... so, this is their pics that i choose.. *with their each character too.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Hot chocolate & mint 2. Glisters & Blisters 3. Sweet escape
.love and like their fashion taste.
4. Sunflares plethora 5. Beneath the crystal stars 6. Strawberry koi 7. Sally jane vintage
.like vintage style and taste so much! they are very great for that inspiration!

yap! enough for this post i think my lovely readers. will come back for some of my outfit post or anything else that i want to share with all of you. once again, just wanna say... Merry Christmas to all of us who celebrate it. Happy Christmas always! <3

18 lovely comment (s):

F i K a said...'re soo sweet for featured me on your blog :)
thankss a lot fian !!

I really hope you can join us in the 3rd blogger meeet up..maybe it will held on februari ;) *hopefully..hihi*
or I';; contact you if I visit jogja..hehehe

once again,,thanksss <3333

Sher said...

Aww sweetie, this is the best Christmas present ever!! Thank you so much for the feature, it made me so happy:)

Hope you're having fun on Christmas and enjoying the holidays!!

*BIG hugs*

fhen said...

sorry for late reply.. my internet was so slow, cant do blogwalking
hope can meet you on the next blogger meet up in future :)
merry christmas and happy holiday!

tealovecoffee said...

cute white blazer! :D

Claradevi said...

Happy Happy Joyous Christmas!!
Tee-hee, how flattered to know that you featured me on your lovely blog. Yeayy! Thanks so much hunnybee :)

Hope we'll always be friend..
and sisters.


betz said...

i love your necklace. too cute!


Isquisofrenia said...

awesome this bloggers are so stylish!

t a l i s h a said...

i love them too!! they're great and deffo worth mentioning! :D

happy holiday dear.. xoxo

dotie said...

you've posted the award already yay!!
nice choice of inspirational bloggers and that's some sweet gift you got there :)

happy holidays!

michelle_ said...

thanks muchos for ur feature Phiaan :D
best christmas gift ever !
you're too sweet dear :D

hope u can join us for 3rd blogger meet up . come to jkt :P i'll show u around good shops. ahha

what a magnificent postt !
thanks for sharing this with us..

thanks commenting on my previous post !
xoxo . Michelle from

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

hei nice blog, have a wonderfull holiday..

visit my blog if you want :

can we exchange link?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I follow several of these bloggers, but didn't know about several...Off to check out their blogs!

christina said...

I really hope you had a great xmas! And that necklace you wore on xmas day is really neat!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest

Anonymous said...

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