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inspirations and D.I.Y

hello dear. :) just back to some inspirations. and as usual, my source is from hotlook in . just some details i dropping by dear. let's enjoy it!

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with the same tights. i think the tights is fabolous. simple, but chic. so lovely!
oh! i'll buy it asap!

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flower blazer (again) for outer? yes, i'll do! how about you? :)

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gold in their belt! heart it!

well, hope the inspirations is nicely for all of you. and hoo.. the last, i just have much time free, while the announcement of my thesis proposal. and i did some DIY project, and finished a little order (bow, for hairclip and hairband) of my sisters's schoolmate. :) it's my little project. :). and then i just reconstruc my old old old shoes! :D just look at the picture of my shoes at below. the shoes look sooo bad! but' i'm very love it because it very comfy! just make it more beauty, how is your opinion? :D

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and this is my new statement necklace. do it with a little lace and others stuff to have the best result. how is your comment? :D just give me the comment dear. i need your suggestion too. thank you so much before. :)

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anyway, i just found this great inspirations. thinking that i'll make my room full of Audrey Hepburn's photos too? will done! :]

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image from here.

take care to your life always dear! <3

14 lovely comment (s):

F i K a said...

I love floral blazer/outer too phie :D..

and don't forget to take a pic of your room that full of audrey's pic ;)

Anonymous said...

saw ur comment on my blog. nice page u have here, i'll be following back :)
check my latest post!


Meg said...

Lots of great inspirations! I love the tights!

michelle_ said...

superb DIY inspirations . i really love seeing your collages . where do u find these picturess ?

those are great photos .
thanks for sharing it with us..

thx for the comment on my blog

♥ Christine said...

ahhhhhh i HEART bows! hence hehe. lovely blog you have here! :)

yiqin; said...

I love the patterned tights <3

Sher said...

What a lovely inspiration post darling! I love the floral blazers dear, I wanna find one hehe!!

Oh, and I think it would be so lovely to decorate your room with audrey's pic! There's one in ikea that I really love but it's so expensive:(


Devina said...

Wow... This post is so inspiring...

betz said...

the tights on the first inspiration photo is really gorgeous. i love your statement necklace. it's so pretty!


fhen said...

oh the diy is so pretty! love love it!
and it's a inspiring post indeed

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Fabulous looks! They are SO inspiring!! xoxo

Yofany said...

ohh love the outerr. love it :))

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comments phie !
i wished u could join our blogger meet up last friday !

Imogen said...

I love the floral blazer and the tights. Thanks for sharing these inspirations.