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it merely suggests.

well, it's weekend again. the time just feel so limited for me. too much things to do as soon as possible, and i could make the schedule to know which one the 1st have to do. but in my little spare time, i used it for this new update outfit post on my blog. just wanna share with you too dear, about my vintage stuff. :)
heart vintage to the max. just feel so comfort with this style. start by searching some inspirations for my real style, i just feel that i'm very in love with this style. this is one of my favourite mix and match. did it and took this photos in the back side of my home. *special thanks for my sweetie youngest sister, who help me to take all of this photos!

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top : Addenda. skirt : Desdonna by Tajima. shoes : Nase. necklace : random.

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this is the special stuff for this outfit :
*the vintage button, sooo in love with it!
*the pearl necklace with small hat, just my creativity-to mix all of that, so what's your opinion?
*the shoes, that's my mom's shoes. feel like 10 years older than my age. :D but this shoes it's very comfy yeah!
i think it's nice too for my foot, right? :]

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and with love, in this time, i want to say thank you very much to all of you, who be my loyal readers. and give some lovely comments on my blog. too much things that i get from blogging. too much gorgeous inspirations for fashion sphere, and fellow too for sure. keep blogging! 've a great weekend everybody.

Like poetry, fashion does not state anything. It merely suggests.
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16 lovely comment (s):

Devina said...

Hi... Loved your outfit... The top and the bottom goes well together...

A N A S T A S Y A said...

hei love your top and your necklace is beautiful.

thanks for commenting my blog and for following me, but i can't find you on my follower list (just confirming to know coz I'm afraid it's mine who got error) but I already followed you back!!

btw are you coming to the blogger meet-up next Fri?

fhen said...

love the top and the necklace! :)


Anonymous said...

lovely outfit!

Marla Singer said...

amazing blouse! you look lovely <3

Meg said...

I like your shirt!

michelle_ said...

i really love this vintagy feel of this outfit love !! your blog is getting better and better everytime !

thanks so much for dropping by my blog and the lovely comments :D
hope you've had a great weekend..

Eva Silviana said...

Kak phiaaan i've linked and followed your blog ya :) Btw really love your style, so humble and down to earth. I don't know why i can say like this, but you are looking so good on your simple outfit as always :)

Diane said...

Hy, thanks for the comment and for following me. I'm following you too now!

Great blog :D


Sher said...

Dearie, you look sweet in your vintage wear! It's nice to know what your style is at such a young age!

Oh,just a lil suggestion, perhaps you could try to pair the top with a more pleated or floaty skirt! I think it will be a nice look too:)

Sending you lotsa hugs!

onic said...

ahh i love your style :)

betz said...

You look lovely Fian! The necklace is gorgeous!


cass and cady said...

a very cool skirt and top. sweet blog.

Nabila RH said...

Fiann.. Thx for the lovely comment on my blog.
I like your outfit so lady like.
I love it when it comes to nude or pastel colour.

AlvianaKalin said...

what a cute top!! :D

Anonymous said...

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