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bow, strype, denim and flower!

back to some inspiration from hot look at dear all! so, just check it!

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bow, never bored!

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strype, for your great blazer and totally fabolous for the bottoms!

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denim dress? so cute!
the flower blazer is the most recommended to have it! :)

wish me luck for my project, that i've posted it on my previous post dear. this post is very fast i think. :) just miss so much my new post on my blog. and i feel i just have one credit to give you some inspirations from hot look. :] good luck to everything that you did and will do on your life. just see you on my next post. hug!

12 lovely comment (s):

Sher said...

Sweetheart, these are some of my most favourite items! Bows and stripes!! I totally adore the striped blazer and skirt, they're so cute!!

Good luck with your secret project, I'll love to help in any way I can:)


Diane said...

Hy! Thanks for the comment, Sher!

These pictures are so beautiful and so inspirational!Love it!

Have a nice day!


Diane said...

Sorry, sorry, I'm very tired, it's late at night in my country, I accidentally wrote the name of the first person that commented instead of your name. Please don't get mad at me...I'm just very tired... kiss!

Imogen said...

I love all pictures that you selected. I adore bows right now and stripes are stylish too. I really like the bow in the 2nd picture that is satin and blue.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos! Such perfect inspiration for me right now. I love it. :)

dotie said...

so true..floral blazer is a must have..
i'm currently looking for one myself :)

michelle_ said...

these are great pictures phian .i love the asian girl in the last picture ! she looks pretty . may i know where did u find these pictures ?

its important to give credit to the picture owners u kno.. u cud be sued for that..

thanks for the lovely comments darling.
appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
keep posting up great inspirations..
x. Michelle.. visit, comment , follow me at .
glisters and blisters :D

michelle_ said...

oh and i've tagged you something on my blog :D

Ladyulia said...

Good luck with ur project^^

onic said...

its so inspiring. i love the flowery outer on last picture :D

Alita Claudia said...

nice inspirations dear, love the photos !

Eva Silviana said...

Kak fhiaaan! I'm going to Jogja next month with my school. There's a live in program and something like that. Hope we can arrange a meet up hehe :)