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be friend, and sister always!

hi dear all!
miss my blog too much. have some schedules that makes me have no time to posting some post on my blog. project, all family needed, some meeting with my friends, and all things about my study in college *woot! and finally, i just get a little time, to make this post. it's about a little blogger meet-up, *but i thing for the real, i can say that it's sisters meeting (haha! LOL). because we (me and Clara a.k.a depoy from Sunflares Plethora) just did some sharing session :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
our photos @Pastello.

black, it's the dress code. and the great idea that to make this meeting like a little blogger meet-up, is from Clara. i'm so excited for the idea! and said Yes for the purchase haaa! :)
have a great luch together at Pastello, and almost 2 hours in there. after this meeting, i met her again for a quick blogger meet-up with Regina from Regina's Coffee Shop. but all the photos is in Clara's camera. so i just waiting for the photos, Clara. :p just totally fun and very happy can meet her (again). because for along time, i haven't the quality time with her. Just wish, we will do it together again. :)

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left : hi poy, our photos in (almost) 2 years ago, eh? :D remember it?//right : the blurry photo, but i love it! :)

some FACTS about us :
1. i know her, because my (ex) bf and her (ex) bf is friend. :D
hm... in the middle of 2006 we met for the first time,
when i've first dating with my (ex) boyfriend too.
after that, we just always met for the routine dating for saturday night.
haha, not important i think, but i just wanna tell you, how i know her,
and just feel as friend and sister too! :)
2. wohoo.. her vintage style, so inspired for my style too, because i like vintage too haa! :)
3. my blog's name : Phie, is just from her special called name for me.
no one called me like that, she's the first. :)
*special dedicated for you dear poy! :)

so much thing that i learn from her, especially for her great taste about vintage fashion. totally adore with it. just wish, that i always be friend and sister too with her. :)

and for the next, I've also been tagged by Michelle from Glisters and Blisters!
1. Give thanks to whom it gives you: thank you Michelle !
2.Name an author you love: not always read some books. but sometimes, i just bought some books that recommended, and the books is always about life lessons. :) i love Jack Canfield for Chicken Soup for the soul and Paul Arden for Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite.
3.If applicable, name an author who highlights: Paul Arden for sure! :)
4. Books you love: Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite by Paul Arden.
5. Something that always excites you: hunting vintage stuff! :)
6. Something you hate: lizard! frog and mouse! ticklish too much. :[
7. Pass it on to 7 blogs: Sunflares Plethora, Beneath the Crystals Stars, Tia_Cherie, little miss fhenny, I know, right?, Regina's Coffee Shop, eclectic du jour.

see you on my next post dear. :)
You are the person you chose to be - Paul Arden.

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betz said...

oh how gorgeous are you both!


yiqin; said...

Nice bag :D

Imogen said...

Thank you so much for tagging me, thats always exciting.

Sher said...

Oh thank you so much for the tag darling! And so sweet of you to share of your time with Clara and Regina, they're both such gorgeous people! You're blessed to know them:)

Hope we can be friends and sisters too!!


michelle_ said...

so lucky you got to meet clara !
u two look kinda like sisters together . mirip banget mukanya ! ahhahaha..

and lucky to meet regina too ! she's such a lovely person !

thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
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dotie said...

looks like you both had fun catching up :)
thanks for the tag btw..i'll be sure to do it once I get the chance..

eclectic du jour

Imogen said...

I also gave you an award, Please check it out on my blog.