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d'original and berry passion.

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this is my post, full of the meals and just show my bestfriend with you! :) anyway, hello dear all! hope all of you still okay with this gloomy weather in here. almost rainy for everyday, and ah! sometimes i just don't like wet condition. well, just continue this post. i think that boredom just attack me, and i just called him to hangout in a place. so, finally we just wasted the time with our sharing session and then surf on the cyber world in Foodfezt, one of my favourite restaurant in my town. :)

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he just did some candid, and so lovely for all! :)
*ups! sensor for the laptop brand!

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what i wore for the special things : white blazer : vintage. rings : all my handmade, leopard : PhieGarage, bird : handmade. bangles : random, nail-polish : City Beige by Oriflame (like this color too much!) .

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taraa! haa.. this is, my bestfriend, Tpho, i just called him like that! :)
actually, his called name is Stevo, but in a real, his name is Andreas Pramudya,
just ask him, why the name changes to be Stevo? hahaha! LOL. :D

well, let's enjoy! so yummy! absolutely!

left : berry passion, so lovely ice cream! right : d'original pancake, i love the pineapple sauce!
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the pancakes together with the simply drink : Tropical Splash and Lemon Squash !

the ink-fish mie! so delicious!
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anyway, we have the same mobile phone rubber-cover. undesignedly!
he just follow me and use the same! :))

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yuhuu... heart this bestfriend quote. :)
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love you dear all!

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Krimly said...

lovely blog!!


michelle_ said...

cute post fian !
i love the food porn very much !
many thanks for the sweet comments .
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stellectism said...

awww love your vintage rings! very pretty <3

t a l i s h a said...

the pancakes are lookin good, dear! :))


Marla Singer said...

thanks for the bday wishes! can't wait to meet you, too =D
emang di Jolie ada tights ya? i just knew it. hahaha.
anyway, love this post. love your pretty rings. and the food porn, yummmm. i never have meals at Foodfezt. gotta try it soon =D

tabitha d krismanawati said...

love your leopard ring!!
anw, thanks for left comment on my post :)


onic said...

i love the rings and bangle! sweet post :)

Anonymous said...

nice vintage rings <3
thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Clara said...

amazing pics
your blog is great!

fhen said...

berry passion looks yummy!
love your rings!

djhanq said...

i wanna pancake :)
have followed ur blog, and phie garage on twitter too,
follow me back
oxox :))

Sher said...

Oh sweetheart! Those pancakes look almost too good to be eaten! What a lovely shop!!

And it's nice to see you and your best friend together! Best friends rock!!

Really really love your rings too, they look fantastic on you:)


Imogen said...

Great post, this looks very good and tasty. I really like the rings.

devishanty said...

yum yum! love your rings, btw :)

devishanty said...

congratulations.. tinggal dipilih aja barangnya mau yg mana yaa.. ditunggu orderannya ;)

michelle_ said...

Congrats for winning the marionette shop dear :)
Hoping to see a new post from you !
Nice post !
Thanks for ur comment..
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