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this is...... PhieGarage

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shirt : unbranded. blazer : vintage. brooch : my handmade. rings and gold-look necklace : PhieGarage. pearl necklace and bangles : random. hairpiece : random.
this is me, for this opening! LOL :D
and yeay! i used the two rings and the gold-look necklace that i sell on my OL shop, do you want it?
just visit my OL shop now! :)

hi dear all!
i don't know, how to start this post. i just very happy because finally i got this time, and will show off all of my little project, that i ever tell you on my preview post. :)
hm.. altought as the amateur, i just wanna try to know how far are you interest to my D.I.Y design. :D so, just lemme tell you that i open my online shop officially. :) the name is PhieGarage. just give my called name a part of the name, and use "garage" to make it perfect. :D is it nice dear? just tell me your opinions. some accessories of my OL shop are totally my creation. and for the others product, i just take them from some places. :) for temporary, i just sell some accessories. but in my plan, i'll sell items of outfit too. just hope as soon as possible it'll be done. :) come on dear all, just visit my OL shop now, there are many purchases. get discount up to 10% too, if you shopping more than Rp 50.000,-. click PhieGarage now! :)

and yes! in this opening too, i just wanna tell you about my first giveaway. actually, this giveaway will support my OL shop promotion. this is the pearl bow-necklace and the bow ring, i will give you-free , who be the winner from this giveaway. :)

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this is the rules :
1. just entry this giveaway post on your blog.
2. don't forget to put PhieGarage url too. (

3. just do it too : follow my blog, follow PhieGarage and phie_garage on twitter too.
(tell me if you already do it)
4. twit or link this giveaway on your facebook account. (and give me the link).
5. give me your email and your blog url.
6. i'll choose the winner with random way.
7. just for Indonesian Bloggers!
8. close : 28/02/2010.
so, don't miss this giveaway love. :)

and yeay! i wanna tell you too, that my thesis proposal was accepted. and i wish that i'm totally spirit and full of the smart idea too finish it. just wish me luck dear. hope i can get the graduation exactly! finally, hope you will visit my OL shop after read this post. :D wish you interest and buy some accessories in there too. visit PhieGarage now!

take care sweetheart!
don't forget to follow my twitter, if you haven't.

21 lovely comment (s):

Eva Silviana said...

yay i've done with the twitter. will post it soon on my blog kak :) and link it too asap. hope i can be the lucky one hehe.
Is it your new online shop?

Devina said...

Wow.... You look so chic with that outfit Fian...
Loved your outfit...

piping said...

sure! i'll try it! thanks for visited my blog! mind to exchange link?

Sher said...

You look amazing in that blazer, dearie! And so exciting that you have your own blogshop now!! All your jewelry looks amazing, best of luck my dear:)

Oh the lil bow necklace is just perfect!

Yoanda Pragita said...

i've done everything :D
here's my facebook link

Vinda Sonata said...

nice blazer and interesting giveaway. congratulations for the new online shop! :)

devishanty said...

thanks for joining my giveaway!
i want to join yours too, but i don't blog at blogger so i cannot follow yours. gimana dong? :(

devishanty said...

udah say..

Veren Lee said...

will join your giveaway :D

devishanty said...

exchange links yuk say ;)

Yofany said...

already follow and tweet it
will post it soon!:D

t a l i s h a said...

you made the brooch yourself? like seriously? could you please make one for me? i'll pay you. hehehe

p.s: please join my blog giveaway. today is the last day!


Anonymous said...

i've done it! check my blog :)

F i K a said...

congratulations on your onlineshop and of course the thesis proposal!! really happy to hear that :)

will join this giveaways phie!! really nive necklace..but, I will post about it on my blog later..okey? ;)..

dotie said...

congrats on the opening of your online shop!!
you have the cutest collections :)

Alita Claudia said...

cute pics, love it!

michelle_ said...

congrats for the store opening :D

ariyani sukma said...

halooooo phie
love ur rings
thx for drop comment on my blog
wanna link exchange ?

arin from,
strawberry and banana pancake

tabitha d krismanawati said...

i want to join :)
i've been your and phiegarage follower and tweet it too :) i'll post it on my blog later, maybe tomorrow :) and i'll give you the link.


Luchie said...

sweet necklace, good luck for your new shop :-)

Dave Ependi said...

been here blogwalking :)
be sure to visit me back :P