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just follow the heart voice...

Most people are reasonable,
that's why they only do reasonably well.
Paul Arden, "whatever you think, think the opposite"

thinking of something different with i got in my life before, i do it now continously.
even for the final, i'll get the "bad" result. i just want to do the best for my choice and appreaciate for my best struggle.
just wanna say, "it's my life, whatever the risk, i'll be take it !"
well, since i got the time when i'm 20 years old, it's just gave me the sign, that i have to do something better than i'm teenagers.
and i didn't know, it's by chance or not,
i got "the broken heart" syndrome,,hmmm !

*photos by yshe, edit by me

the condition has been being the sign and i just have to follow the sign. yap!
just wanna to be honest, my struggle's so heavy.
but i won't to discuss it for a long.
just wanna thanks to God for my condition now.

only thinking my best future, with the best struggle surely.
just follow your heart voice, for the all choice that would make you (and me too),
to choose one.
althought, there is unreasonable when we choose it.

.top : Awon collection, skirt : boutique @Sby city (forget the name), flat shoes : Marie Claire, statement necklace : Jolie Jogja Jewellery.

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