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journey with white hair bow...

the last Sunday,,i had long journey with my beloved friends,,Tpho and Laras...
Kalikuning,,is the name of the place that very very fantastic,,waww !!
have something "confuse syndrome" for wardrobe that i will use for take some picture in there..
yaa,want to make something different,,not must be suite for "forest characteristic",,
but i want something different,,that makes me "waww",,in there..haha,, :D
and the last,,the wardrobe is ready to show !!

white victorian : Estacot
loose top : U2
short legging : Matahari Department Store
flat shoes : Traditional market
white hair bow : my handmate,, ^^

well,,what your comment for my wardrobe?
think that suite with me or not?
whatever your answer,,but i think, my wardrobe is very cute
and make me feels like 15 years old...
yeayyy !!

in there,,i found so much thing that we called "God's creation",ohh...
my self is got admire too much,, for the beauty of Kalikuning...grrrr,,
let see,,i got some picture in there...and i like all,, :)

*special thanks for Laras & Tpho as photographer..

very happy to share this post for you...^^
i'm very satisfied for my explore photo session this time...
thx for photografer,,Laras and Tpho,,muahh...
not patient to share you different place and that excited,,absolutely... !
c u soon... :)

*anyway,,thx you for design of Katie Pertiet,,for the collages of Digital Scrapbooking...
love to use your creation,, ^^

2 lovely comment (s):

LLC said...

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copyproof said...

I've heard about Kalikuning from my BF, but never been there..
Sounds like a nice place

anyway, thx for leaving some comments on my blog :)