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flower for vintage.

One of my point, that 1st i want to tell you " i'm very miss you all, my lovely readers and all of you the fabolous fashion bloggers especially". *smooch! just didn't have anytime to take some outfit photos or do some adventures to explore some beautiful places, oh.. no chance until my thesis is over! but, i'm very miss my blog update too much! due to the reasons today i just take short shoot, and my sisters as the photografer. :) as usual, i love vintage outfit, just want to share with you.

this a sweet canded, that my little sister did it for me.
today's outfit for Jesus Christ time! :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
+ top : vintage
+ skirt : handmade
+ necklace / sheer tights : random
+ heels : Missel
+ vintage bag : Renoir

this outfit that i wore for Easter nite, so simple, but i like it.
comfy and mature-look, isn't it? :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
+ top : vintage
+ skirt : handmade
+ sandal : Flaurette
+ vintage bag : Elle

anyway, i just wanna show you, and i think you 've known that my skirt for the two outfit is the same , ya? :) yap, both of them is the same skirt. this is details for the flower motif of my skirt. haa, i just love it. from this motif too, be the inspiration of my new layout design. :)
yap, as you look, that i have the new layout. but the flower motif of my layout is different (but almost the same) with flower print of my skirt. so, how is your opinion for my new layout dear?:D

and the next, i just show this Mr.Bean's teddy bear for you. its mine. so cute! i love him too much ! i got it at one of the gift store in my town. so happy when i saw him, and just bought it directly! :D well, finally.. i just feel happy that i can update my blog again. sometimes because my responsibility, *called my thesis, it makes me don't have any ideas to update my blog. exhausted! but, everything i do, just for get my focus and concern to my thesis. wish me luck always and do the best for my thesis dear, hug and kiss!

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24 lovely comment (s):

fhen said...

adorable prints on the skirt
the mr bean teddy bear is cute haha
good luck on your thesis

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ellie said...

very sweet bear. love the print of the skirt. great photo shoot.

sii miemi said...

lovely skirt, u look so vintage :)
gudluck for ur thesis...


Tabitha said...

your skirt so lovely, you can match that skirt with any top :)
LOVE, beauty splashes

Aurelia Lyana said...

aww i love vintage and your skirt is so nice! :) anw visit mine? follow my blog too if you dont mind hehehe

moochelo said...

I adore your skirt (:

and thanks for the comment + visit.. I'll link you yah..

and don't forgot to come visit any other time (:

Anonymous said...

nice skirt!
i'd love to have a skirt like that :)

Castor Pollux

Ladyulia said...

love the bear,,,,

tukeran link yuuuuk

Get Up,Survive, Go Back To The Bed

michelle_ said...

hey i love your layout very much !
did you make it yourself ?? :)

nice skirt too..


Sher said...

Oh how I've missed you, sweetie! I do adore that handmade skirt, the print is beautiful! I wish I can make a skirt like that:)


CCWai said...

I'm sure that all bloggers have their down0time for real-life reasons.
Love your skirt and those vinatage prints!

dotie said...

that's a pretty yellow blouse you got there <3<3<3

eclectic du jour

Imogen said...

I like the new layout of your blog. I love your skirt, its such a pretty print and I like the colours of the tops you paired it with.

Marla Singer said...

lovely outfit <3

Anonymous said...

ihhh lucu skirtnya :))
love floral patterns.

creamy said...

I like it!!
Wanna exchange link with me??
Email :

Ice Creamy World

michelle_ said...

thanks for your comment phian :)
hugs and kissess
glisters and blisters

myrrh goldframe said...

lovely skirt. lovely outfit.<333

Myrrh Goldframe

F i K a said...

lovely skirt sew it by yourself? great!!

hwaa..aku jg punya tuuh boneka bearnya mr.bean,tp sayangnya rusak gara2 keponakanku yg masih kecil :((

Meg said...

That teddy is so cute! And I like the print of your skirt.

nitya said...

Hello Fian,

Love your skirt!
I am new in fashion blogging and need some advices. Check out my blog if you don't mind.


t a l i s h a said...

cute doll! hehehe my friend has the same doll coz she just loves mr. bean so much.. the skirt is very vintage-y

ps: win a disney couture necklacehere

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

O, I've posted about simple skinny and back to childhood

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Vanesa and Stevia said...

cute blog, dear

love ur vintage style so much