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resolutions before 2010 will coming.

hi dear bloggers... :)
just need almost 2 days to get in 2010. so, will you 've the list to some resolutions for your target or something else like your dream (purposes) that want you get in 2010? haa... let's make the list and try to discipline with the schedule to support all of your target dear! ^^ well. there are my BIG targets for 2010.
1. graduation, ASAP!
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just wish me luck, i'll try to do my best! not anymore, just do my best! and absolutely, hope will get the best job for me asap after thte graduation. God bless. :)
2. wanna do some of the project, especially for all about of the fashion that i'm so excited, especially for the vintage style. :)
3. just always try to be a good blogger for sure.
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4. for the last, nothing else that more important than always try to repair some of the "error" things, or all of that i did in 2009.
yuhuuu... with 100% spirit and full of the ensurement to try and do my best for all of the targets. how about all of you dear? just share with me. :)
oh ya, tomorrow will go to Semarang city with my family. and will celebrate the happy new year party in there. where will your new year party to welcome the 2010 years?
see you in 2010 dear!
hug and kiss,,


Christmas gift.

May we have a meaningful Christmas!! :)

finally, have the chance to write this post. ^^
have the great time with my family. and all of Christian people, who celebrate Christmas day too for sure. hear the Church's bell cann't stop when "Gloria in Excelsis Deo..." is playing..... and this one song too, i always waiting and want to hear it on Christmas day.

O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Til He appeared and the soul felt it's worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoyces
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees

O hear the angel voices
O night divine!
O night when Christ was born
O night divine!
O night, O night divine!

And in His Name, all oppression shall cease
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we
Let all within us praise his holy name
Christ is the Lord!
Their name forever praise we

Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O night Divine
Noel, Noel
O night, O holy Divine

lyrics from here.

the sweetest gift from one of my lovely friend, Mery.
thank you so much sweetie.

for the next, in this post i'll share with you some of my stuff with close up look. i wore that for this two days. no special thing for the wardrobe, and i don't know why, i just want to share the close up look from my accesories that i wore, and not my outfit. :D

1. i wore it for the Christmas night!
rose ring : Little Garage. nail red polish : Pokari.
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2. wore it for this Christmas day.
black : Jolie Jewelry (local store). white : bought it at Prambanan temple
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and the last, this is a little surprise for me. i got one award, and the first award for my blog for sure. this award i got from Dotie-eclectic du jour, thank you so much dear. :)
altought, in other side, i just feel not decently to received this award. think that i need much learn and always learn to be a good blogger and will be decently to received this award. but, i'm so proud and happy with this award, and make me to make my blog more and more great than before. i think will look this award as the others Christmas gift too.

well, for this award, i have to write 7 facts about me. Dotie just wrote about the things very gorgeous i think. she wrote the 7 stylish book, and all of that include into Electic du Jour's book club. houu,,me... i'll share with you 7 bloggers, that i choose for my favourite list., especially for my blog's content inspiration. will not explained for the details, because i think you already knew and have ever visit their blog for sure, right? haa... so, this is their pics that i choose.. *with their each character too.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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1. Hot chocolate & mint 2. Glisters & Blisters 3. Sweet escape
.love and like their fashion taste.
4. Sunflares plethora 5. Beneath the crystal stars 6. Strawberry koi 7. Sally jane vintage
.like vintage style and taste so much! they are very great for that inspiration!

yap! enough for this post i think my lovely readers. will come back for some of my outfit post or anything else that i want to share with all of you. once again, just wanna say... Merry Christmas to all of us who celebrate it. Happy Christmas always! <3


strype and tights!

and just wanna say "hello all my lovely readers" ! :)
dududu.. not patient with Christmas time. and very busy, not stop again and again to finish all of the preparation for the Christmas celebrate. but, absolutely happy and still enjoy yap!
well, leave it. now, time to discuss about a little bit inspiration from hot look. yuhuu.. as usual i always get much inspiration from there. i think all of the look that include to hot look is soo great and fabolous. and yes, for the 1st, let me try to do a mix and match project with the Strype top for the basic. :) i just found much look from hot look in and it's just be a little inspiration for use it to a wardrobe and just want to see... the result!

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the background is from here.

and yes, from this look i got the Strype inspiration.

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oh ya, i wore my necklace too, the necklace is from Nefertiti Jewelz, that i bought two weeks ago. with the Magic words "Dynamic Duo Prita & Widya" from Nefertiti twitter, i just got free for delivery pay. *cheers. :)
what's your opinion with this necklace? i like it too much. it's very unique i think. :)

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well, for the others, i just got some inspirations for the trend of the tights! haa... altought i'm not confidence to wear the bold or the pattern tights yet, i just want to give you this inspiration. all the look are from hot look in for the latest. let see!

black with the bold tights colour!
and oh! i just found that Diana Rikasari done like this look, click here.
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i really love the necklace. want to make the DIY.
and yes, when i uploaded this look for my twit, Michelle like the tights too much! :)
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perfect look! my favourite! :]
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hope will be your inspiration too.
love and kiss!


with the fresh air.

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photos by me.
hello dear!
so excited to post and share all of about this photo session. as my promise on my previous post, that i said i will posting again some post about my outfit and the photo session too. and absolutely due to my thesis draft is just wait for the time to collect, now i'm more relax than before. *althought i have some project to finish, but it's not make me haven't time to post on my blog, or forget my blog too. *never! yap, enough for the prologue i think. :) just start to tell you about the details from this photo session.

in this photo session, i took the photos in two place. the first place is the Air Force Academy Yogyakarta area. *haa,,don't frightened with the place :D
actually, this place are forbidden to play around of there. haha! but i just try to be a bad girl (just for temporary) :D well, the reason why to get some photos in there...because you can get the perfect effect from the cloud. haaa,,my fortune when i took the photos, i just get the spot with the eery tree. hmm,, make something unique i think, and finally.. just see the photos! :]

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.black shirt : simply smart. the outter : Elie. shawl : Ritzy Diane House (online shop). skirt : unbranded.
vintage bag : mom's. the bangles : Malioboro stuff. the sunglasses : unbranded.

the next, this is the photos that you can see the anvil plane. *look the plane on the back side of me!

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the second place is the Ratu Boko Temple. the place is not far from the Air Force Academy, and very near with the Prambanan Temple. :] like the culture too much! this is one of my favourite temple that i ever meet.

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love the Temple Gate!!

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hei, this is my favourite photo! :]
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.black shirt : simply smart. the outter : Elie. shawl : Ritzy Diane House (online shop). skirt : unbranded.
the bangles : Malioboro stuff. the sunglasses : unbranded. flat sandal : Modena

and this is my DIY nail arts. :) what's your opinion? i just like the nail arts now. wanna make the gorgeous one. but it's the first i try, and not bad i think, right? :D

.mint nail polish : Pokari / the flower sticker : Naughty.
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and oh! nowadays is almost the end of this year. did you have some plans to be your resolutions for your life in the next year? i just start to list it. see you on the next post!

this is my favourite candid photo! :]
*actually i wore this necklace for the first, but i changed it with the shawl
that will make full colour i think, to save my black outfit! ^^

.leopard statement necklace : my handmade.
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all my photos by Tpho.

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Hug! <3


based from the issues!

yap! just ready for this post. for the 1st, let me to say so sorry that for long time no post my outfit or something others about my stuff in fashion world. just already said that i didn't wear something special yet before. haa, but i just want to share you my creation to all issues about fashion in this post. and just as usual that i usually read Gogirl! magazine for every month. so, for this month, some issues just attack me to try combination , yap! just wanna try to mix and match all of the issues to a wardrobe.

from the two pages from Gogirl! magazine for this month i took the issues.
if you read it too, the titles are "Runway We Love Dolce & Gabbana SS10"
and "Leopard Accent".

let's see, how is your opinion about my combination?
*oh ya, by the way, just so sorry for the amateur editing. LOL. ^^

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.lacey black blazer : Buckingham.wedges sandals : Efany.
fulltights : Pantyhouse.vintage skirt flower : mom's collection.
black shirt : Simply Smart.leopard shawl : Ritzy Diane House (online shop).
red vintage clucth : local store.

the stuff for the details. :)

the next, i just join this competition. try my fortune to get the gift from Valerie from Marley and Me. just visit here to join this competition too. :)

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yay! will be excited too for the next post about my mix and match project. and always don't forget to talking about Christmas that will be coming for a while. as soon will hunting and buying some stuff to wear it for the Christmas time. haa,, hardly cann't wait for the time. see you soon.
hug! <3


all about upcoming!

oh, christmas is just will coming! i'm not patient to wait the time. and did you know something that always be happened....? is the bankrupt as soon as possible before the christmas time. haha! LOL, :) but it just the expression that we (christian people) are very happy to celebrate it. ^^ okai, just let me talk my wish since i'm teenagers. i just like the snow too much. hoo, but in this country (Indonesia) is just have two seasons, and not four seasons. oh! want to know how celebrate the Christmas time with playing snow. *imagine it now! but i hope one day i'll enjoy the Christmas time with playing snow too.

for the next, i just like too much the lamp flares from all stuff christmas. for example all of the christmas tree accesories. :) just hope that i will get some blessing from this Christmast that will be coming soon.

all images from

from some Christmas inspiration, i want to share you some informations about fashion stuff. for the first, i just already order some stuff to celebrate this month. haa! just wait for my oufit post. and from all my order, one of my order is from Nefertiti Jewelz. haa, two pictures at below is some products by Nefertiti Jewelz that will be available on 3rd week of December 2009. oh! i just adore for this two necklace, so fabolous! especially the 1st necklace. aah! will order it when this necklace available on 3rd week later. :*
how is about your opinion? like it too? just check it in here.

oh ya, for the last, i just joined the giveaway from Michelle - Glisters and Blisters, one of my favourite blog. the most i think! :) she's very gorgeous, and i just learn very much how to blog better and bettern than before i did from her. ^^ want to know more? click here.

well, hope i'll be the winner for this giveaway. and now i just waiting my order stuff from some online shop. in my plan for next week, i'll be hunting some stuff too directly *but i don't know just will go to where yet. yap! just remember my responsibility always, it's my thesis draft, will collect it at Monday. so, just spirit! enough i think, for this post. :)
see you on the next post. hug! <3


back to some inspirations!

well, just back to posting some inspirations.
ready to enjoy it? let see! :)
some choices by me, from "Hot Look" in

stripe top with the blazer, fabolous! and the bag? just like it!

a good combination, right ? *time to relax.... :)

so chic! yay, the pattern tight is so flirty with the flower pattern. :D

vintage style ? always love it! and this is one of good project for the vintage style! :)

and, the most favourite choice by me is ...
.Ployy Boonyatee.

if you have the account, just visit her in here.
i like too much the style, from her wardrobe and absolutely her design
and set to take some pictures. totally get some inspiration from her pictures. :)

for the next, i got some inspirations too from Etsy and Polyvore.
all the bags is so fabolous for me. do you like it too? :]

anyway, i just attack with the boredom! especially with the condition that i have to finish my thesis draft. *but just fervent on spirit! right? :)
so i always feel and look anything is so flat and just make me more lazy than usual. just make me don't have some inspirations to post something that interesting for me and absolutely all of you, my lovely readers. from yesterday i just feel better than before. and all of the photos at above, already i collected from a few days ago. and just get the time to post it on my blog at the right time. finally, get the spirit to post it and yay! i think this inspiration came to me due to my hangout plan with my bestfriends tonight. will watching the Twilight Saga a.k.a New Moon (*very lately.... haa, but i just got the time to watch it now) and having dinner time together.
get ready, i'm not patient for tonight. yay!

finally, i just miss my post about outfit and the photo session. yaa, have not the time to do it yet, and nothing special too for what i'm wearing everyday. as soon as possible i'll do it, because i want to share more special thing that i prepared for this month. yap! Christmast time, just wait for it. :) well, just wish me luck for the thesis draft and my business plan. :) Good luck to all of you.
Hug! <3

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