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the unfinished building...

okaii,,i'm back...^^
love to write the new post and share my experience with all of you...
my journey of photo session is continue for the other side of my style (again).. :)
hmm,,but my style of this blog are (always) suite with my blog's name... "Her Alter Ego",,the other personality side from my daily life...yeaayy,, :)

and i think it's time to share some picture of me,,
that i took with my youngest sister "Ririn" this morning...

it's not difficult to find "the unfinished building",
that i used to the background of my photo session at this time,,

the building is situated not far from my house...

the unfinished building

the wardrobe,,is prepared easily..with my collection costume and stuff..
and absolutely,,on purpose,,the wardrobe is suitable with the building's character,, ^^

blazer : Gabicci (from my mom collection)
tank top : Benhill Collection
black trouser : UFO Collection
high heels : Missel
bags : Ticexbags
butterfly necklace : Malioboro stuff

never and ever i think,,doesn't get (a little bit) respect from the owner,,
or people who live around of the building...

makes the building are looked scary..

*but (i think) i give the respect,,
and used the
building for my photo support,, ^^
no place are bad,,everywhere that you can set up with the suite theme of your wardrobe and pose, you will get some nice (not bad) picture of you... :)

well,, now i'm very tired..
today with ma lovely friends (tpho & laras), have a long journey,, to take some picture together at "Kalikuning", one of the river's name in Yogyakarta, Indonesia...
doesn't patient to share my picture in there,,check my post about it as soon as possible yaaa...

*oh yeah,,this post is the first blog that i write with the "full" English languange...hope it's will be help me to reach more and more better grammer and ethics about English languange...(you can give me some critics or suggest of my English languange) ^^

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copyproof said...

hi,there..i got ur blog link from dianarika's..
anyway, ur english has limitations here and there, but you're fine :D my English isn't so good,anyway.. :p

hm..u live in Jogja?!kya! my BF live there too.. and i've been there.. and I LOOOVVVEEE the city!! my best sunsets is in Tamansari ruins :) glad I read ur blog

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...
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